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About GSO Healthcare

What Is GSO Healthcare?

GSO is a fully integrated sourcing company with resources in Asia and globally. GSO are experts at facilitating a direct conduit between manufacturers globally and end users in the US, eliminating costly third-party medical device brand companies. Most medical device products sold in the US are manufactured by a third-party OEM, mainly in Asia, and sold in the US under various private labels. The GSO model helps end users take charge of their supply chain, maintain quality, and lower costs to the organization.

The GSO Healthcare Difference 

At GSO, we believe that hospitals and Health Systems have an opportunity to take control of their supply chain, create the diversity and resiliency of their medical product supply chain without a third party and their bloated margins. GSO facilitates in a complete transparency manner from OEM to End User’s and the entire cost along the way, providing 100% transparency in the cost and cost of logistics to the hospitals. This allows for better decision making by hospitals and complete visibility to the products they purchase and consume daily.

How We Do It